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Geewillinkinwinkings! A Feat Whichever Way You Look At It!

Trekking in the Porongurups and the Stirling Ranges in the south west of Western Australia  kept me away from posting here for a week or so but I’m back and keen to tell you about the Castle Rock Skywalk.  Not only was it a physical and mental feat for DO and I to do the 500 metre plus climb and walk the skywalk but an engineering triumph to get it in place.

There are hand holds near the top to help but you still need long legs or good flexibility  – or a helping hand.  (Click on the images to enlarge.)

You get onto the skywalk via a 7 metre ladder.  A good head for heights or a strong stomach and sheer determination will get you to the top.  The views and the sense of achievement made all our nausea worthwhile!

We couldn’t help but wonder how it was built – and to be in awe of those who built it.  There is a short video here on its construction which won a Master Builders Association Award in 2012.  There are more photos here on the award winning company’s web site.

You may be wondering why I’m writing about an engineering feat rather than about art.  If so, this quote from Leonardo Da Vinci may explain:

‘The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.’

So is the Castle Rock Skywalk.

Karri Lookout Below The Skywalk

Karri Lookout Below The Skywalk

The Karri Lookout provides a viewing platform for those not doing the vertical climb to the Skywalk..