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Let The Sunshine In – #Inktober 2018 Day 1

Let the sunshine in. Brighten up my day.
Let the sunshine in. Blow my blues away.
Let the sunshine in!

(With apologies to Georgie Fame)

ink001 v 1

Let The Sunshine In – #Inktober 2018 Day 1

Sadly, three tall Jarrah trees close to our house were felled, for safety reasons, on day one of Inktober 2018.

But now more light streams into our home to chase any blues away.

My self inflicted restrictions for Inktober 2018 are:

  • Black and yellow ink
  • Sunshine reference
  • Related to my day.

The hardest part of Inktober is posting- especially when I feel there is a whopping mismatch between idea and the outcome!




For the record

Just for the record – I was very creative in December but produced no art 😦

I dislike the commercialism of Christmas but love spending time with family and friends during the ‘silly’ season and like to give gifts – so I make many of them. Sometimes I supplement a hand made item with a complementary purchased one.

I was a proud Mumma when son Leo declared it was much easier to buy a gift than make one – it means he realises the value of a unique, handmade present and the effort, skill and attention behind it.

This collage captures some of the things I made in the final month or two of 2017.

No Art in December 2017

I think I should make a resolution for 2018 – “Make more art!”




As soon as I finished with Inktober I started filling any spare time with making replacement stock for Kalamunda’s Zig Zag Cultural Centre.  No rest for….

My budget home Canon printer and other equipment cope well with my demands.

Hoping I’ll soon have time to take stock of my progress, my shortcomings and a very long projects list before deciding what to focus on next.  Any suggestions would be most welcome!




Yin Yang, Pitch and Roll

Twin Yin Yang Ear Bud Cases – by Helen Lock

The ancient Yin Yang symbol reminds us that life is a balancing act and most fulfilling when we learn to accept its dualities: the ups and downs, the good times and bad, joys and challenges.

It was quite fitting then that I embroidered these ear bud cases whilst travelling outback Queensland roads – enduring the uncomfortable rides and enjoying the views.

It was also a balancing act to embroider them to both appeal (hopefully) to my twin adult sons and suit their differences.

Taking Floss For A Walk

I recently discovered that I could embroider as a passenger.  So before my husband & I left on our long caravan trip I bought material, threads (floss) and an embroidery hoop.  I also drafted some designs.

We’ve  now been travelling for 3 weeks and I’ve so enjoyed taking floss for a walk that I’ve become addicted.  I love creating the designs, deciding on colours, enjoying colour combinations, trying new stitches, making up stitches and overcoming happy accidents!  It provides a wonderful mobile substitute for drawing and painting.

3 weeks output on bumpy roads or in breezy shade:

All become sewn into presents.

I am collecting photos and ideas galore for ink paintings when we return home.  The Western Australian landscape is immense, unique and awe inspiring.  If you’re interested you are welcome to page through my journal here.





The March of Time

According to Auguste Renoir

“You’ve got to be a fool to want to stop the march of time”

I worked hard not to be a fool but found it hard to keep up with the passing of time in March!  It passed like a whirlwind of preparations for our caravan trip of a lifetime, social gatherings with family & friends and day to day living.

I did manage to complete the second in my series of Landmark Flora:

Gumtree Fountain and Marri Blossoms, Kalamunda WA

We’re almost ready to go – later TODAY!!



I’m No Picasso!

Everybody has the same energy potential. The average person wastes his in a dozen little ways. I bring mine to bear on one thing only: my paintings, and everything else is sacrificed to it…myself included.”
Pablo Picasso

I spent lots of time in my studio during February but not a lot on art.  My studio is also my sewing / crochet room and home office.  I don’t think I’m wasting my time on all my other activities but it certainly reduces time and energy for painting.

I did refine my Winter Donkey Orchids – Mundaring Weir painting

Winter Donkey Orchids - Mundaring Weir

Winter Donkey Orchids – Mundaring Weir

and worked on the design for the next in this new series – I’m not game to show it yet!

I was more productive on my sewing machine – creating dresses for little girls and busting my stash!

Flower Power

Flower Power

Flower Pot Pinny

Flower Pot Pinny

Blue Fusion

Blue Fusion

My March output may be even less as we’re preparing our home, garden, vehicles, caravan and ourselves for a 6 month caravan trip starting in April!