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Ad Infinitum – Day 23 Inktober 2017

I spent significant time on day 23 trying to catch up with Inktober – as ever – ad infinitum.

I decided to sketch my work area.   I soon realized that I would need to draw what I was seeing in ever diminishing size to be correct – hence the infinity symbol.

The Red Iris is there for hope and strength!

Ad Infinitum – Day 23 #Inktober #Inktober2017


Walk Alone – #Inktober2016 Day 25

I walked alone on Day 25 Inktober and there was more opportunity to study the wildflowers still flowering in Alps Street Reserve.  The variety is incredible, just in one small area of Western Australia.

My sketch for the day is of some Blue Leschenaultia which have been flowering for a couple of months!

Walk Alone - #Inktober2016

Walk Alone – #Inktober2016



Leinster WA Style – #Inktober2016 Day 13

The mining town of Leinster in the ‘Golden Outback’ of Western Australia was named after a Leinster Downs Station (cattle / sheep) in the locality, which itself was probably named with fond memories of Leinster in Ireland.  A great contrast of scenery and climate between the two!

It was surprising to me that a company can own a whole town – housing, swimming pool, shops, infrastructure, everything!

Leinster WA Style - #Inktober2016

Leinster WA Style – #Inktober2016

interesting to see but once was enough and I wouldn’t suggest anyone puts it on their ‘bucket’ list!






Sunday Outing

Expecting these guys to be out for a drive to Balligar next Sunday 🙂


Nice day for a drive…

Sunday drive

Let’s pull over and look at the swans and the ducks…

Sunday drive

Good place to stop for a rest…

Sunday drive

And good thing we brought our park bench with us…

Sunday drive

Sooo many ducks…

Sunday drive

Let’s check them out a bit closer…

Sunday drive

Hee,hee… Hide and seek!
If we are all hiding in the tree, who is looking for us?!?

Sunday drive

Is it fun hanging upside down?!?

Sunday drive

We better let Mummy see us… Otherwise she might forget us here!

Sunday drive

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The Moths Are Loose!


I opened my wallet and paid to upgrade this site so there’ll be no more ads – and I can customize to a greater extent.  I hope you like the changes so far.

A quick post today – as I’ve set my wallet moths free, moths are on my mind.

The following is an extract from a poem ‘Two Years Later’ that was written by William Butler Yeats.  It was written about a century ago yet seems amazingly relevant today:

Has no one said those daring

Kind eyes should be more learn’d?

Or warned you how despairing

The moths are when they are burned?

I could have warned you, but you are young,

So we speak a different tongue.

(Sorry about the formatting – WordPress is challenging!)

I leave you today with a link to a beautiful painting of a Bogong Moth by Australian artist Danielle Burford.




Relativity – Love, Art and Weather

An overnight minimum of 22.5 °C just before dawn feels deliciously cool after a maximum of 43.5.  Yet 22.5 (72.5°F) would seem like a pretty hot day in Arkansas which experienced a maximum of around 10 °C (50°F)!

I mention Arkansas only because writer Jay Maul sent me the cooling thought of cold, wet rain from there in response to yesterday’s post.  I’ve since discovered his blog and there is a heap of inspiration to be found – and lots for me to learn about blogging.  You might like to take a squiz at his blog writerjaymaul.

Whether you are for it, or against it, or neither, it’ll be hard to remain unaware that it is Valentine’s Day.  Having said that my DO (Dear One) remained unaware even after opening a hand painted card covered in hearts that I gave him first thing!

This is a favourite quote of mine on love and relativity:

“When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second.  When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour.  That’s relativity.” ― Albert Einstein

I’m so lucky to love and to be loved.  It has not always been so and I remember well a time when I felt utterly alone and unloved.  To anyone who feels like that now it may help to remember that life evolves and brings some wonderful things into our lives too.  I think this quote also indicates that we have a role to play in our own happiness, which is an empowering thought.

“We are, each of us angels with only one wing; and we can only fly by embracing one another.” ― Luciano De Crescenzo

Here is a kiss for all of you from Gustav Klimt who was relatively ignored by the art establishment in his lifetime – but that has changed!

The Kiss

The Kiss

If you’d like to see more go to the Klimt Museum.

May your day be as good as it can be, or as you can make it.



‘Real Artists Ship!’ said Steve Jobs

I am therefore I create
Even though I’ve lots on my plate.
I am human so want to share
All the wonders of our lair.
I want to say ‘Look at this!’, ‘Look at this!’.
‘Can you see, can you see how sublime?’
Just as well I draw and paint nature’s design
Instead of describing it in rhyme!

G’Day from WA (Western Australia), welcome and I hope you find something here to brighten your day even if it’s just a laugh at my poem.

 I’m Helen Lock and I’m now living a childhood dream of being an artist.  I’m not sure that I’ll ever feel that I’m not a fake but Steve Jobs said ‘Real artists ship’ so I’m shipping!  This blog is my first online ‘delivery’ and its creation has been a significant learning experience.  I know I have a lot more to learn.

I’m currently spending time drawing and painting the incredible designs and colours of the Western Australian flora. They captivate me and I’m driven to capture them – so I can relive magical moments.  I also want to share such moments in the hope that others enjoy them too.

I’ll be posting:

  • Images and descriptions of my artworks and their inspiration
  • Some technical details about their creation
  • Related snippets about their and my environment, their life and mine
  • About artists, art and things that inspire and encourage me to keep going
  • Items to brighten my day and hopefully yours.

I’m not brilliant at routine – life keeps happening – so I won’t commit to posting daily but I may.  I will commit to posting at least once a week so if you have an attack of ‘Mondayitis’ you’ll be able to take a break and escape to my world for a while and see something new.

I’m now thinking that it’s odd for a blog about art that I haven’t included an image in this first post but then maybe no-one will ever read this but me!  If you have read this please do comment, for as Ken Blanchard wrote ‘Feedback is the breakfast of champions’ and without it I live in a vacuum.

 In my next post I’ll explain the name ‘Balligart’ and introduce you to the painting that is my current ‘avatar’ (the graphical representation of me – I had to look that up J).