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Green Beans – #Inktober2019 Day 21

Our local Wasteless Pantry posted on Day 20 about homemade baked beans:

Making your own baked beans is easy, healthier (less salt) and less wasteful than buying from a supermarket, and can be stored in small batches in the freezer for quick meals!

This – when we’d had beans from a can for brekkie! I’ll make a point of trying their recipe which can be found here.


I19021 (2)

Green Beans – #Inktober2019 Day 21


It’s Not Easy Being Green – #Inktober2019 Day 19

On Day 19 we had a lovely family BBQ day for 17 at our place.ย  No disposables were used so there were a lot of dirty dishes.ย  The sight made me think of Hermit the Frog singing ‘It’s not easy being green’!


I19019 (2)

It’s Not Easy Being Green – #Inktober2019 Day 19

I’m Done With Picasso – #Inktober2019 Day 14

I finished my Picasso inspired acrylic painting on Day 14.ย  Imagine the green inks as vivid and muted shades of oranges, yellows and reds – and the black inks as various blues!

Abstracting my Blue Stars design with the use of brush strokes, shapes and colours was harder than I had imagined. I now have a deeper appreciation of Picasso’s art and other abstract works!



I19014 (2)

Done With Picasso -#Inktober2019 Day 14

Inktober 2019 Day 1 – Channelling Andy Warhol

This will be my fifth year of joining in Inktober! This year my self imposed constraints are:

  • Green ink in addition to black
  • An association with the environment
  • Relating to my day.

On day 1 I worked on a painting of beautiful Blue Stars (Chamaescilla corymbosa) which are native to Western Australia. I’m working to simulate the style of Andy Warhol’s iconic Marilyn Munroe artwork.ย  So I decided to do likewise in ink for Inktober.

I19001 (2) copy

#Inktober 2019 Day 1 – Blue Stars Aka Andy Warhol

Inktober is a great incentive to play and try new things.ย  It also helps one to get used to publishing the less than perfect!

I didn’t manage to obtain an even flat green so edited the scan to get a more Warhol effect.ย  Is digital ink cheating?…




Make More Art

No posts since Inktober?!!

Not good that 2019 kicks off with the same resolution as 2018 – Make More Art!

There has been some progress on my latest tree portrait….


Started in 2017! Still going…

and lots of creativity of the stitching kind:


Seahorse and Butterfly – Inspired by the fabric


Seduced By Cute Fabric


The pattern said Fast and Easy – It was not!


Inspired by an Op Shop sheet!


Old Became New


And Reversible


A 5 pocket shoulder / bum bag from scraps with Boro front pocket.


The back pocket was ready made!


Seduced By Cute Fabric – Again!


A Girl Has To Have Coordinating Accessories!?

And I crocheted and stitched 15 Xmas presents. ย Yes I need to focus on the main game!


One Must Have Sunshine – #Inktober 2018 Day 31

We saw more yellow wildflowers on our way to Margaret River on the sunny 31st.ย  So we had it all – sunshine, freedom and a little flower!

ink032 (2)

One Must Have Sunshine – #Inktober 2018 Day 31

Yay!ย  I’ve caught up with posting and that ends my Inktober 2018.