Negative & Positive Painting

In March, I attended a Negative Painting Workshop given by Elli Moody in Mandurah, WA. It was a fun and relaxing afternoon.

In the days that followed I enjoyed completing the negative painting around my fishes and whales. I then added movement lines, to tie the negative and positive areas together. I added eyes to the fish and mammals to give them more character. I’m enjoying this way of working / playing. The end result is a surprise!

This is the end result, the steps towards its completion follow:

Fish Flurry – by Helen Lock, Acrylics on canvas panel

Below: The underpainting plus marks with paint and pens. A sea theme bubbled to the surface!

Below: Positive shapes outlined

Below: After layers of paint around the shapes – negative painting

Below: It called out for more connection between the positive and negative shapes

Happy now – initialled, all done!