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Chicken In A Bath

Chicken in a bath,
Not for the usual reason.
What dish is this one?

Chicken Rosemary PNG

The last illustrated dish was ‘Chicken Laksa’.  The white letters spell it out when put in the right order.  The hibiscus is the national flower of Malaysia so the background gives a hint as to the origin of the dish, which is from the Chinese Malay cuisine of the Peranakan culture.  The colours used are common to traditional Peranakan porcelain.

Today’s dish is much simpler!


Do I Have To Spell It Out For You?

Maybe not, but I have anyway – and you may spot other clues as to what dish this represents! 😉

Chicken Laksa PNG

The best guess (on Facebook) to date for my last illustration was ‘Chilli Chicken with Geriatric Beans’ although I’ve not heard of geriatric beans before!



May The Wind Always Be At Your Back

Oops – a little late in posting about my month of May…

In the south west of Western Australia the month of May is in the latter part of the Djeran season on the indigenous Noongar calendar.  The days and nights get colder and wetter as the season progresses ahead of the wintry season of Makuru.

My personal visual calendar for this May is testamount to Djeran.  We were wearing jumpers on the 1st May and we dodged showers and storms throughout the month.  There was a powerful storm in Perth on the 21st May that caused flooding, brought trees down and left 60,000 households without power.  My photo of the day shows how stressed by the wild weather our dog was – not! Ha!  We lost power the following sunny afternoon for no apparent reason – just long enough to enjoy candlelight for a while.

2016 May Collage PNG


The season gave me more time for illustrating recipes, making cards, crocheting slippers – in between household tasks, domestic paperwork (hence the ‘help’ pic) and mostly happy events with friends and family.

May the wind always be at your back,