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Why Is The Sky Blue? Inktober 2020 Day 31

I find trying a new art form, in a workshop, with friends, fun and uplifting.

On the 31st I got to try screen printing for the first time. We made paper stencils and printed on fabric. I took along an old cotton tea towel to practice on. I enjoyed the process, well except for cleaning the screen, and the outcome.

I don’t know why I chose to stencil a question mark. Maybe because my mind was full of questions… Do you have to reverse your image? How do you use the squeegee? How do you line up a second stencil to print over the first? Why is the sky blue?!


Questions questions? Screen printing on fabric using paper stencils. #Inktober2020 Day 31. Helen Lock. Western Australian artist
Why? #Inktober2020 Day 31 – Helen Lock