Monthly Archives: February 2021

What Happened!

First post since 31st October 2020! What happened? Burn out after 31 days of Inktober? Nope. I’ll tell you what happened…

I’ve been PAINTING acrylic works for my second solo art exhibition – before I’ve had the first, which will be in May 2021, COVID permitting.

I’ve been MAKING AND EXPERIMENTING WITH GELLI PLATES. I used leaves from our garden as stencils. I ended up with some original cards, a collaged art work, phone covers and wrapping paper!

Sweet Potata Leaves, ghost print – #Helen Lock
Sweet Potato Leaves as masks – #Helen Lock
Collaged Gelli prints, dried palette paint & threads on an acrylic background, on a canvas board – mounted on a painted cake board – #Helen Lock
Gelli print made into a phone case insert – #Helen Lock

MAKING GIFTS for Christmas…

  • Zipper cases sewn from painting rags which were t-shirts in a former life
From t-shirts to painting rags to zipper cases.. – #Helen Lock
  • Tote bags for gift wrapping
Tote Bags as Gift Wrapping – #Helen Lock
  • Reading pillow
Gobble ‘Til You Wobble Reading Pillow – #Helen Lock
  • Ouch Pouches to go with Tissue Holders
Ouch Pouches and Tissue Holders – #Helen Lock


  • With eco-dyed old cotton sheets
Eco Dyed Sheets, Micron Pen, mounted on hessian, then acrylic painted watercolour paper – #Helen Lock
Eco-dyed appliqué enhanced with Micron pen and machine embroidery – #Helen Lock