Good (Project) Friday

Good Friday 2014 has been and gone but our project lingers on!

This Easter’s project was a painting of a different kind – our 29 year old front veranda.

The Old Canvas

The Old Canvas

First the old canvas had to be stripped back – a load chain, a 4WD, a mattock, a hose, a wire brush and muscle power helped get the job done.

A Load Chain Helped

Balustrade Blank Canvas Aril 2014

The Canvas Is Ready

We felt nervous about the choice of colour, ‘Headland Red’, but it would match the windows and garage doors we’d already done in the hope that it would help to make our dark brick, dark tiled roof house look more homely.

A Work In Progress

A Work In Progress – Acrylic on Jarrah Timber

Yes, a definite improvement.  It took at least 60 hours of painting effort to put two coats on the front balustrade, roof bearer, downpipes and gutters.  Just as well we’re happy with the result.

A Big Improvement

A Big Improvement

When the garden bed in front is prepared and mass planted with native grasses behind a blue flowering ground cover it will look great!  Perhaps more pots on the veranda too.

First though, the side veranda needs attention – feeling happy that it’s half the size of the front one!  Feeling happy too that the paint we used is guaranteed to last as long as we live here!!  We need never paint it again.  Ha! Unless we change our mind about the colour…


PS I have had a drawing project on the go too – when I just had to sit down for a while.  A subject for another day.



6 thoughts on “Good (Project) Friday

    1. Helen

      Poppytump, it is wonderful to sit on the veranda at the end of a long day working ‘on the block’ – makes it all worthwhile. 🙂

  1. Helen

    Thank you Marilyn. What a coincidence that your friends had Headland Red as an option! We rather like the way it changes in different lights from quite a light, almost Salmon colour to quite a deep, almost Chilli Pepper colour to almost a red headland colour! Best of all it won’t show up the red dust of the gravel rock our house is built on so much. 🙂

  2. Marylin Warner

    What a wonderful transformation, Helen! I love the new look (liked the old look, too; it’s a very nice house!) We had friends who are trying to decide what color to paint their front door–they have it narrowed down to two shades of blue, one green, and get this–” Hearland Red” !!! I send them the link to your post to help them decide!


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