Monthly Archives: September 2016

Seesaw August Is Done

Life for us was like the weather this August in the Perth Hills of Western Australia – oscillating between sunny and gloomy.  However only the weather was cold and there were warm times with family and friends and lots of opportunity for making art, as my photo collage for the month demonstrates.


I participated in the 30 Days Creative Lettering with Andrea Joseph Sketchbook Skool klass and duly did my homework each day.  Unexpectedly I found lettering creeping into my designs for recipe illustrations!

As well as an increasing interest in hand lettering I’m feeling the pull of lino cutting.  I tried cutting a piece of ezy carve printing block and made myself a poinsettia stamp.  So many types of art, so little time! I’m hoping I’m not dissipating my energy and that everything will come together one day!