Taking Floss For A Walk

I recently discovered that I could embroider as a passenger.  So before my husband & I left on our long caravan trip I bought material, threads (floss) and an embroidery hoop.  I also drafted some designs.

We’ve  now been travelling for 3 weeks and I’ve so enjoyed taking floss for a walk that I’ve become addicted.  I love creating the designs, deciding on colours, enjoying colour combinations, trying new stitches, making up stitches and overcoming happy accidents!  It provides a wonderful mobile substitute for drawing and painting.

3 weeks output on bumpy roads or in breezy shade:

All destined.to become sewn into presents.

I am collecting photos and ideas galore for ink paintings when we return home.  The Western Australian landscape is immense, unique and awe inspiring.  If you’re interested you are welcome to page through my journal here.





3 thoughts on “Taking Floss For A Walk

  1. Anita

    Love all these! Especially the last yellow one! 🙂 I also love WA. Perhaps check out some of my blogs for some more inspiration.


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