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Running Postman Shoe #2

The second version of my Running Postman Shoe and the second in my Wildflower Shoe Series #2 – ballpoint pens on paper for mixed media – 210gsm, made by St Cuthberts Mill, UK.


Running Postman - Ballpoint pens on paper - by Helen Lock

Running Postman – Ballpoint pens on paper – by Helen Lock

Same But Different

When I have just a few minutes spare, or when I need a rest from standing at my easel, I’m tempted to pick up a ballpoint pen and doodle. So now I’ve started Wildflower Shoe Series 2 – Ballpoint pens on mixed media paper.  Meet a different Blue Stars Shoe!


Blue Stars Shoe - Wildflower Shoe Series 2

Blue Stars Shoe – Wildflower Shoe Series 2 – by Helen Lock

Flower Shoe #2 Running Postman

Running Postman, Kennedia Prostrata, is a scrambling ground cover native to southern Australia.  It was my choice for my second flower shoe painting.  Sometimes the design of an art piece takes longer than the painting!


Flower Shoe 2

Flower Shoe Running Postman by Helen Lock

The Reason Is…

No posts since early November because I’ve been busy – painting!

In the last 3 months I’ve completed:

  • 7 50cm square paintings in my Blue Stars series, which is under wraps for now
  • A small painting of a bowl of petunias
  • Produced 4 experimental works using acrylic inks
  • Four flower shoe paintings on canvas board 20 by 30 cm

For me this is prolific!

This is the first of my flower shoe designs featuring Australian wildflowers.


Blue Stars Shoe

Blue Stars Shoe – 8 x 10” – Acrylic on canvas board – by Helen Lock

Yay! She Will Live On!

I first met this strong looking woman about 7 years ago.  We used to pass her on our daily walks  . She stood tall, weathered by life experiences, feeling her age yet soldiering on – that is until she  gave way for a fire break… I’m glad I started her portrait before her demise and have reference photos.



Strength In Adeversity – Helen Lock

Out Of Focus! :(

My mantra for 2019 is ‘focus’.  Focus on the main game, which is for me is visual art.  I’m battling though, mostly because I have ‘tennis elbow’ and a torn tendon of my dominant arm.

So once again needlework has been my primary creative outlet, this time because for some reason it hurts less than drawing or painting…

I have been attending a small painting group which has helped me to at least attempt a work in ink – a work in progress.

Here are some pics of my creations in the past month or so.  Next time there will be a work of art to show – there will, there will…


For Maren Due On Australia Day

My great niece was due on Australia Day which explains my choice of colours! She was born in England more than a week late but healthy. 😊


Going With The Flow

I decided I needed an embroidery travel case.  I just started stitching on a remnant and did whatever came into my head.  I wish I could paint that way!

Then I decided I needed a lightweight travel wallet!  Made with scraps and a zip in my stash.

Boro Wallet -Front



And a grandson wanted a blue t-shirt with a Paw Patrol Plane – what’s a Nana to do?!

Paw Patrol Aeroplane T-Shirt and Shorts – Handmade With Love

I made more items but you can have too much of a good thing, can’t you?!