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Have A Butchers At This!

I transformed a bit of butchers apron cloth into an embroidered piece for a zippered pouch whilst travelling by road to Cairns.

I worked from left to right, making up the design as I went along.  I find it relaxing to sew this way. I’m pleased with the result and beginning to like my wonky style!

BTW Have a butchers is cockney rhyming slang for look – look rhymes with butchers hook.

Butchers Apron Transformation




Yin Yang, Pitch and Roll

Twin Yin Yang Ear Bud Cases – by Helen Lock

The ancient Yin Yang symbol reminds us that life is a balancing act and most fulfilling when we learn to accept its dualities: the ups and downs, the good times and bad, joys and challenges.

It was quite fitting then that I embroidered these ear bud cases whilst travelling outback Queensland roads – enduring the uncomfortable rides and enjoying the views.

It was also a balancing act to embroider them to both appeal (hopefully) to my twin adult sons and suit their differences.

Daly Waters to Mount Isa

It was a long drive (1019kms) on a poorly maintained and designed Stuart Highway and then we turned into Barkly Highway we battled head winds and cross winds.  We did stop overnight at Three Ways.

There was plenty of time for stitching on the road even though I drove some of the time.

This small pouch for ear buds was embroidered with Paisley patterns in mind – more freeform!

Paisley Ear Bud Pouch – Helen Lock



Jabiru to Katherine +

No prissy flowers for G – Barramundi, water snake and water lily leaves instead!

Inspired by paintings by Jacqui Cahill and John Dewar I embroidered (Freeform while travelling) a small case to protect his hearing aids when not being worn while we explore Australia.

Barramundi and WaterLilies – Inspired by Jacqui Cahill

Water snake and Water Lily Leaves – Inspired by John Dewar





Fusion, Freewheeling, Freeform, Functional

Glasses case – by Helen Lock

Pocket tissue case front – by Helen Lock

Fusion of Aboriginal colours and white fellas embroidery whilst exploring Kakadu seemed like a good idea.  Embroidery designs were made up as I went along.  I blame the wonkiness on bumpy roads. 😉




Pocket Tissue Case Back – by Helen Lock


Betcherrygahs – Good Parrots

We’ve seen flocks of budgerigars as we passed through the Kimberley area of WA – all greens and yellows but I was short of those colours…

One Dreaming says the Great Spirit put the souls of two children lost in a bush fire into two parrots to ease their mother’s heartache.  That’s why to this day budgies sound like children chattering.