Show Time! – Day 28 Inktober 2017

It was show time at Gidgiegannup on day 28 – with 6 good friends.  Lots of exhibits, lots of stalls, lots of food, lots of chat and lots of laughs!

Always a good opportunity to buy local produce.

Show Time! – Day 28 #Inktober #Inktober2017


That Time Of The Week – Day 27 Inktober 2017

It’s that time of the week – Friday finds us busy on household tasks again as there won’t be time for such things over the weekend, again! How lucky we are!

That Time Of The Week – Day 27 #Inktober #Inktober2017


Reversing Time – Day 26 Inktober 2017

If you go back in time you’ll find that Gazanias, common in Australia today, originated from South Africa. Now they are regarded as noxious weeds in some states – a case of wrong time, wrong place.

I go back in time whenever I do the housework – I have a strong sense of deja vu (or Groundhog Day?) and many items take me back as I clean them, so I get to enjoy again precious moments with loved ones.

Reversing Time – Day 26 #Inktober #Inktober2017

I work hard to find happiness in repetitive chores!


Ad Infinitum – Day 23 Inktober 2017

I spent significant time on day 23 trying to catch up with Inktober – as ever – ad infinitum.

I decided to sketch my work area.   I soon realized that I would need to draw what I was seeing in ever diminishing size to be correct – hence the infinity symbol.

The Red Iris is there for hope and strength!

Ad Infinitum – Day 23 #Inktober #Inktober2017


Organic Time – Day 22 Inktober 2017

“How long does it take to make Sourdough?” someone asked our teacher. “Depends!” Sas replied. The notion of organic time entered my head!

Sas explained that a timer approach to making sourdough bread wouldn’t work. The proportions, type and quality of starter, water and flour are variables. One has to get to know and develop a feeling for the process from start to finish.

We were very happy with the results of our first attempt – like bread tasted when we were children – long ago!

Organic Time – Day 22 #Inktober #Inktober2017