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#Inktober 2019 Day 3 – Back to the Garden

While I spend time inking, Black Eyed Susan is strangling plants in our bush garden!

The Black Eyed Susan vine is native to tropical and south Africa.  It is regarded as an environmental weed in some states of Australia – and in our WA garden!

Gotta get ‘Back to the Garden’.

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Gotta Get Back To The Garden – #Inktober 2019 Day 3



Time Out – Day 11 Inktober 2017

Time out in the morning for coffee and retail therapy with a BFF.  Time outside in the afternoon to rescue a few of our grass trees from the evil Black Eyed Susan.

Time Out – Day 11 Inktober 2017

Made a mess of the sun dial – but I’m out of time!


Black Eyed Susan – #Inktober 14

Black Eyed Susan is winding among, through, up and around our native plants again this Spring.  The small orange coloured flowers with dark centres peek out from unexpected places as if the vine is playing hide and seek with those wishing to catch it to remove it.

I decided this repeating perennial climbing plant was a suitable subject for my first ever attempt to create a repeatable pattern.  I started with this  ink drawing:

Black Eyed Susan - #Inktober 14

Black Eyed Susan – #Inktober 14

I then created the basis of a repeat pattern the manual way, in a similar manner to that described here.

Black Eyed Susan Tile - #Inktober 14

Black Eyed Susan Tile – #Inktober 14

then used a photo collage app to group 4 repeats together and ended up with this:

Black Eyed Susan Repeated - #Inktober 14

Black Eyed Susan Repeated – #Inktober 14

Thanks Susan!