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Wow! It’s Been Two L o n g Years!


Two years ago yesterday my feet became entangled in the handles of a shopping bag as I jumped out of our car.  I hit the tarmac of the car park at just the right angle to snap my left femur, pushing the top part into my hip joint and wrecking it too!  I had no idea – I brazenly told the Doctor as I lay on the trolley in the Emergency Department that I was pretty tough and was thinking it was just soft tissue damage.  The Dr said gently “I don’t think so.”

My recovery

My recovery after a full hip replacement was long and painful.  There were long, dark days full of pain and tears.  Days when I wondered if I could go on – whether I wanted to go on.

Why am I telling you this on a Monday when a main aim of my blog is to brighten your day?!  Because, while I wish it hadn’t happened and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody, there were, in hindsight, many ‘silver linings’ and knowing about them may just help you in adversity.

Obviously I did go on – maybe due to a glimmer of survival instinct but I think it was the unconscious (at the time) thought that I might ‘miss out’ – and I would have missed out.  I’ll list what I would have missed out on later but first I want to share what I learned that is treasure.

Silver Linings / Learnings

The most valuable things I learned are:

  • My DO and I will be able to maintain our home on our steep, gravelly bush block well into our 80’s or beyond!  How do I know?  Because although I could hardly walk on crutches, I was able to manoeuvre steps and an incline to hang out washing – with the aid of a ‘nosebag’ hung around my neck for wet clothes and pegs.  Where there’s a will….!
  • My DO is a patient and gentle carer which bodes well for the decades in front of us.  It was nine weeks before I was able to dress without his help before he went off to work.
  • I don’t have osteoporosis.
  • Get out of a car like a princess!  Swivel, knees together and put both feet on the ground / or in that direction first.

Silver Linings / What I Didn’t Miss – So Far!

Just what comes to mind right now:

  • Walking the trails around and over Wave Rock 16 weeks after surgery.  Not without some pain and difficulty but I did it!

    Wave Rock, Hyden, Australia

    Wave Rock, Hyden, Australia

  • A marriage proposal from my DO – and eloping for a most memorable wedding day, which was followed up with an engagement party with family and friends 🙂
  • Seeing son Leo healthier and happier than in years – and with a beautiful and intelligent lady.
  • Son Leo coming in second at the Kulin Cup after only a few months horse riding tuition from his lady.
  • Son Alex becoming a fully fledged lawyer.
  • Being at son Alex’s wedding to the lovely, also intelligent woman who is now bearing their first child – a son!

    Alex and Shazzy Posing On Their Wedding Day at Matildas on the Swan River, Perth, WA

    Alex and Shazzy Posing On Their Wedding Day at Matildas on the Swan River, Perth, WA

  • Enjoying times with and news of all 6 of our ‘children’ and 8 grandchildren.
  • Visiting the world heritage Ningaloo Reef on a glass bottomed boat.

    Ningaloo Reef From A Glass Bottomed Boat

    Ningaloo Reef From A Glass Bottomed Boat

  • Having more time to spend on art related activities as I decided to quit my IT career as a result of the accident.

I’ll stop there 🙂

May you find silver linings too,