The Moths Are Loose!


I opened my wallet and paid to upgrade this site so there’ll be no more ads – and I can customize to a greater extent.  I hope you like the changes so far.

A quick post today – as I’ve set my wallet moths free, moths are on my mind.

The following is an extract from a poem ‘Two Years Later’ that was written by William Butler Yeats.  It was written about a century ago yet seems amazingly relevant today:

Has no one said those daring

Kind eyes should be more learn’d?

Or warned you how despairing

The moths are when they are burned?

I could have warned you, but you are young,

So we speak a different tongue.

(Sorry about the formatting – WordPress is challenging!)

I leave you today with a link to a beautiful painting of a Bogong Moth by Australian artist Danielle Burford.




2 thoughts on “The Moths Are Loose!

  1. Shazzy

    It’s always intrigued me that whilst butterflies are considered beautiful moths are thought ugly. Someone may not think twice about a dead moth but shed a tear over the butterfly. The Bogong Moth painting surprised my by it’s beauty and vibrancy. We are all trying to circle our moons but sometimes our wings get singed with the fakeness. I feel for those moths tricked by electricity into death.


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