Gee Willikinwinkings Monday Again!!

What a week!  It started with Toad In The Box and ended with Been There Before, with a plethora of delights in between.

Toad In The Box

“Is it a cane toad?” we asked ourselves when this critter was discovered in a cardboard box that had been delivered to Western Australia from the East.

Western Green Tree Frog (s)

Fearful of assisting the spread of the feral species we kept it in the box whilst we consulted Google, the Shire, the Department of Agriculture and finally the Department of Environment and Conservation.  We were assured that we had a native Western Green Tree Frog in our care.  It just goes to show how good at camouflaging they are!

Drought & Fire

Early on Monday morning our drought was broken – it was official – we had zero point two of a millimetre of rain! At least the frog was released into a humid atmosphere.

I was fearful that it might get fried later that day as there was a fire east of our town and a danger of ember attack..  It was a daunting experience to be home alone, preparing to flee if necessary and fully realising that so many of our personal treasures would have to be left behind. Happily the fire fighters contained the damage to a hectare and there were no injuries or loss of homes.

My thoughts of fire were completely ousted by being introduced to the art of Dalton Ghetti via an email and I hope you enjoy a ‘wow’ moment too.

art - pencil sculpture 1

See more here.

Balligar Blues

There was little time for personal art this week as the focus was on celebrating birthdays – mine and my DO’s – over the weekend.  We thoroughly enjoyed the company and creativity of family members and friends on Saturday – especially created poems, speeches, art works and dance!  How wonderful!  This was written for us by our friend Denni – Balligar Blues 🙂

Banjo Paterson

After a big Aussie BBQ breakfast on Sunday morning with those that stayed over we were further treated to a fantastic ‘off by heart’ recital of Banjo Paterson’s The Man From Ironbark and Been There Before by Louise!  The big clean up afterwards was a small price to pay for such a memorable weekend with loved ones.

Last post I said I’d post about my painting ‘Kanga Anga’ next post – sorry it’ll be the next one.  Until then,


2 thoughts on “Gee Willikinwinkings Monday Again!!

  1. Sally Mackie

    Sorry folk, I didn’t know your birthdays were last weekend. Your d.o.b.’s are not info. I have. However, I’m glad you had a good time! I’s freezing cold here in Wiltshire …. could really do with some of that warmth you have. Am enjoying visiting your blog.

  2. Greg Campbell

    The frog looks happy, full of trust knowing he is not a Cane Toad! The local fire brigade saved the town from a fire, almost rained on us (we wish!!) and a very welcome drop in the heat to a manageable mid thirty something. A shared birthday with my beautiful girl – the good life 🙂


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