I’m A Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins?!

‘You’r a cotton headed ninny muggins’ is an insult with various meanings – in my case I think the “someone who feels like they can’t do something right” meaning fits best.

What brought this to mind is identifying a cluster of ground hugging, tiny yellow blooms as ‘Conostylis Setigra‘, better known (as far as I’m concerned) as ‘Bristly Cottonhead’.

Bristly Cottonhead Cropped

Bristly Cottonhead At Balligar 🙂

This is my attempt at capturing the modest Cottonhead in the style of my pen and watercolour series depicting wildflowers at ‘Balligar’ – our home.

Conostylis Setigera

Bristly Cottonhead By Helen Lock

This tufted, evergreen perennial is endemic to the south west of Western Australia.  It flowers between late winter and late spring and actually likes hot, overhead sun and extended dry periods.  It also tolerates high winds and light frost!

The long hairs on the leaves gave this Cottonhead its Bristly name – hard to depict in a series designed to be reminiscent of leadlight designs.  I’m just a cotton-headed ninny muggins!


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