Fauna With The Flora

A bush garden full of blooms is bound to attract bees and ours did – swarms of them.  How wonderful that our environment supports so many bees even though some may be European Honey Bees, which are considered more deadly than spiders, rather than native ones!  This one was determined to be the centre of attention on a Native Fuschia flower this Spring:

Grevillea Wilsonii

Native Fuschia Of Balligar

Native Fushcia (Grevillea Wilsonii) is a shrub endemic to the South West of Western Australia growing to about 1.5 metres high.  It bears brilliant, eye-catching flowers from late Winter to early Summer.

I wonder if watching this bee made me a Balligar Batcher Bee Watcher?!

“Oh, the jobs people work at! Out west near Hawtch-Hawtch there’s a Hawtch-Hawtcher bee watcher, his job is to watch. Is to keep both his eyes on the lazy town bee, a bee that is watched will work harder you see. So he watched and he watched, but in spite of his watch that bee didn’t work any harder not mawtch. So then somebody said “Our old bee-watching man just isn’t bee watching as hard as he can, he ought to be watched by another Hawtch-Hawtcher! The thing that we need is a bee-watcher-watcher!”. Well, the bee-watcher-watcher watched the bee-watcher. He didn’t watch well so another Hawtch-Hawtcher had to come in as a watch-watcher-watcher! And now all the Hawtchers who live in Hawtch-Hawtch are watching on watch watcher watchering watch, watch watching the watcher who’s watching that bee. You’re not a Hawtch-Watcher you’re lucky you see!” – Dr Seuss


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  1. Greg

    So long without an online comment! Having sat out the front watching the bees buzzing from bush to bush I can almost see this little fellow hovering with wings a blur as the cycle of honey making starts. The words of Seuss complete the story, love the painting :-)xx


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