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Is This An Illusion?

If art was not an illusion would it be a photograph or is that also an illusion?  My head hurts already!

Art has to be an illusion (to me at least) as my sort of art, drawing and painting, is a 2-dimensional representation of a 3-dimension visual world.  The end result may be a close rendition of reality but it is always the artist’s view of it.

What maybe surprising is that these thoughts resulted from discovering that a variety of Kangaroo Paws on our block is a hybrid, so maybe these plants only give an illusion of nativeness.  If a hybrid is produced within Australia from Australian natives does the hybrid get a classification of ‘native’?

I think I prefer to do rather than think (is that a tautology?)!  Here’s the result of my doing ‘Kanga Burgundy” in the Wildflowers at Balligar design theme in pen and watercolour:

Kanga Burgundy / Bush Elegance

Kanga Burgundy / Bush Elegance

Kanga Burgundy is also known as Bush Elegance – and its inelegant name Anigozanthos Rambueleg.  This evergreen, perennial Kangaroo Paw reaches to 40cms tall with beautiful dark purple-red flowers from Spring to Autumn.  Its regal colours and looks belie its tough nature and ability to survive in dry, sunny positions, bringing us back to illusion and onto Albert Einstein who proclaimed:

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a rather persistent one.