No Naked Ladies Here Thanks!

The beautiful, showy, naked ladies from SW South Africa are very fertile, so much so they tend to elbow out natives.

Naked Lady is a common name for Amaryllis Belladonna which blooms in the Perth Hills of Western Australia during our early Autumn.

Here these ladies are considered an environmental weed so by picking the ornamental flowers I have a gorgeous bouquet for indoors and help prevent them propagating via seed – win win!

Amaryllis Belladonna became the fourth subject for my series on weeds and my first painting of 2015 – even then I may classify it as a practice piece and have another go – if there is time!


Amaryllis Belladonna - Helen Lock

Amaryllis Belladonna – Helen Lock

But maybe I should heed Coco Chanel’s advice:

Don’t spend time beating on a wall hoping to transform it into a door.



4 thoughts on “No Naked Ladies Here Thanks!

  1. Greg

    Having seen them in our garden and now translated into art I am once more thrilled by the depth of talent that I live with!

  2. poppytump

    Lovely delicate watercolour Helen ! You’ve caught those flowers so well with your pen work … I find it quite difficult to break down shapes or see them sometimes to translate onto paper .

    1. Helen

      I find it hard too Poppytump! I first draw from life then try to simplify. I can see why artists progress to abstract work when they’ve ‘cracked’ realistic. Way to go! Thanks for your encouragement. 😊


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