When You Are Not Aware Of The Time Ticking…

When you are not aware of the time ticking, that is always a sign that you are enjoying something. Hannah Ware

I must have enjoyed February – or at least some of it!  It’s been and gone already!

February 2016

February 2016

This collage reminds me of only a few of the things that kept us so busy we’re always wondering where the time went.  It reminds me:

  • I made some progress on my tree portrait.
  • A friend gifted us locally grown figs – yum!
  • I made Olive and Fig Tapenade, Fig and Mango Chutney & Chocolate Fig Olive Oil Cake
  • Our own harvest of cherry tomatoes continued to demand attention.
  • A spinal surgeon gave me news I did not want to hear.
  • We celebrated friends’ birthdays.
  • I crocheted slippers for winter – yes even in 40 degree C heat!!
  • I started writing a recipe book.
  • G’s daughter Kate flew off with a work visa for adventures in Canada.
  • Of Valentine’s Day :)x
  • G & I had new ‘tablets’ for our birthdays – & new challenges!
  • Of taking Ballicart to be serviced ready for our next adventure.
  • I attended an Experimental Drawing course.
  • We looked after Molly, a silky terrier with attitude & health issues, while friends were away.
  • We walk each morning in a beautiful reserve.
  • I found a pack of erasers in my desk so made one into a ‘chop’.
  • I kept a daily journal & made sketches for the majority of the days in the month.
  • I received some lovely gifts including flowers, diamonds and ‘crop circle’ plaques.
  • We had a lovely extended, blended, 3 generational gathering to celebrate our birthdays.
  • The extra day in the year was used to start preparing our place for our house minders while we’re away.  The laundry cupboard has never been so tidy!!

The stuff dreams are made of for me and many methinks.



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