Wedding Bush – #Inktober2016 Day 9

Sunday was spent getting ready to leave for the Goldfields – and starting to miss our garden even before we left!

Our Wedding Bush has just started to flower, much later than usual. It has been a long, cold, wet winter so I’m delighted that it is flowering in time for our wedding anniversary tomorrow.

Wedding Bush - #Inktober2016

Wedding Bush – #Inktober201

Posts will probably become irregular as mobile phone and Internet services are not available everywhere we’re going, which is rather nice. 🙂

I will be inking daily though.  I will, I will, I will…



PS Read around the rings clockwise from about 4 o’clock on the bottom one, as I dated the sketch when it was upside down – doh!





1 thought on “Wedding Bush – #Inktober2016 Day 9

  1. Greg

    I am looking forward to “all” of our wedding bushes flowering, that will be real show! Liked the circle work😀Xx


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