Well I Showed Up! – #Inktober2016 Day 31

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” said Woody Allen.  Well I showed up and completed 31 ink sketches and posts in 32 days!

It was just as hard to fit in with everything else as it was last year.  This year I’m not going to say ‘never again’ though – I’ve learned that lesson.

I managed to keep all but one of my self inflicted parameters.  All were size 9cm by 9cm on Rhodia paper, using only black and red ink.  All reflected something about my day.  However I digressed from representing a behaviour rather than an activity.

I learned that:
– going away in October is not helpful
– any shakiness is magnified when small works are posted online
– showing up can lead to creativity!

Well I Showed Up! - #Inktober2016

Well I Showed Up! – #Inktober2016

Now I can get back to completing my visual diary for September!!

2 thoughts on “Well I Showed Up! – #Inktober2016 Day 31

  1. Greg

    Yes you did and a great job considering the travel and other hindrances, including an intrusive husband asking where would he find this and/or that😀Xx


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