Stitching On The Road

I finished making a set of napkins for Ballicart on the way from home to Esperance WA.

Art with a purpose I thought, but then napkins still function without embroidery. Without the ‘art’ they’d be dull and boring – wouldn’t they?

Nature Inspired Embroidered Napkins – Helen L

Same threads, same shapes, same stitches but all different!

Same but Different – Helen L



3 thoughts on “Stitching On The Road

  1. Playamart - Zeebra Designs

    you are right; without stitches, they’re just plain, somewhat boring napkins.. there to use if needed, but otherwise ‘insignificant.’ with your ‘stitches’ they suddenly have a soul, are of great importance to the lucky person whose day is upgraded – strictly because someone took time to transfer a part of their own soul into that plain square of cloth….

    1. Helen

      You’re right, I hadn’t realised before but as well as thought, skill, time and effort there is a gift of soul in each creation! Thank you!


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