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And That Is That? – #Inktober2016 Day 24

On day 24 of Inktober I planted vegetable seedlings and this ditty came to mind.

And That Is That? – #Inktober2016

If only it was that easy!  From now for the next 5 months or so our vegetable garden will need daily watering (unless it rains..) and protection from fierce sun, strong winds, birds and insects!

It is well worth the effort to be able to eat really fresh, tasty, organic produce – I think… my back doesn’t think so though!



Creative Fun – #Inktober2016 Day 23

A quick sketch to recall the fun had on day 23 of Inktober: granddaughters, their cousins and friends in a frantic contest to create a winning design out of toilet paper and masking tape!!

Creative Fun - #Inktober2016

Creative Fun – #Inktober2016

Of course they were all winners (and there were more than recorded here) and I owe them all an apology as they are all beautiful too!


Lake Ballard – #Inktober2016 Day 18

At first the 51 sculptures by Antony Gormley spread across approximately 10 square kilometres of Lake Ballard seem to be surrealistic representations of local residents.

After a while you start to see that Gormley has captured the essence of the people that he laser scanned before creating his installation.  Shrinking the scans horizontally helped him achieve this.  What inspired him to do so I wonder!

The spacing of the sculptures is inspirational too.  Each is about 750 metres apart so you can see others from each one.  You would swear that those in the distance are standing in water but when you reach them it is not so.  Lake Ballard is a salt lake.

Lake Ballard - #Inktober2016

Lake Ballard – #Inktober2016

I’m very happy to have seen this 14 year old installation at last!