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May The Wind Always Be At Your Back

Oops – a little late in posting about my month of May…

In the south west of Western Australia the month of May is in the latter part of the Djeran season on the indigenous Noongar calendar.  The days and nights get colder and wetter as the season progresses ahead of the wintry season of Makuru.

My personal visual calendar for this May is testamount to Djeran.  We were wearing jumpers on the 1st May and we dodged showers and storms throughout the month.  There was a powerful storm in Perth on the 21st May that caused flooding, brought trees down and left 60,000 households without power.  My photo of the day shows how stressed by the wild weather our dog was – not! Ha!  We lost power the following sunny afternoon for no apparent reason – just long enough to enjoy candlelight for a while.

2016 May Collage PNG


The season gave me more time for illustrating recipes, making cards, crocheting slippers – in between household tasks, domestic paperwork (hence the ‘help’ pic) and mostly happy events with friends and family.

May the wind always be at your back,


I Don’t Want To Stop The World

I don’t want to stop the world, nor get off it but I really would like time to slow down!  Here we are on the 12th May and I’ve just finished my diary and collage for April!

I really thought that I’d have more time just ‘to be’ at this stage of life.  I think that I’m the reason that I don’t.  Perhaps I should relax and just accept that I prefer ‘to do’!

Here’s my collage representing just some of the doing of April:

April 2016

April 2016

Can you tell that I made more time for art earlier in the month?  We went on holiday on the 21st & were too busy then exploring parts of SW Western Australia with our caravan and newly acquired kayak in tow.

On our trip, amongst other things, we enjoyed:

  • the picturesque Lake Towerinning,
  • the majestic Karri forests of Pemberton
  • walking Heartbreak Trail in the Warren River National Park
  • Kayaking on the Warren River
  • the wild weather on the coast at Prevelly
  • Ten Mile Brook Dam
  • the fresh, local produce at the Margaret River farmers market
  • stocking up with goodies at the Venison Farm & the Old Cheddar Cheese Factory
  • a bit of wine tasting
  • meeting up with friends at The Beer Farm after THEY had done a 40km mountain bike ride!

So I gathered plenty of inspiration – all I need now is find the time and energy to match it with perspiration!’

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration           Thomas A Edison

Summer In The Light, Winter In The Shade

March lived up to Charles Dickens’s description of March, “…summer in the light, winter in the shade”, for us in more ways than one.  The month was full of swings from high to low in terms of hopes, dreams, energy and happenings as well as in weather.  My collage for the month records this.

2016 Mar Collage PNG

You may be able to detect that we had some happy times with family, enjoyed visiting Sculptures By the Sea at Cottesloe and were busy preparing to go on a 6 month long caravan trip.

As part of the preparation I started writing a recipe book to take with us.  I also developed some ideas for illustrating the recipes – learning to use Photoshop Elements to change the backgrounds to my sketches in the process!

Other photos record:

  • the last of the Experimental Drawing classes I attended ( spot the collaged long faced self portrait!).
  • the hanging of the crop circle inspired plaques made by my potter friend Brenda.
  • the drought breaking rain on the 19th – more than 40ml in a couple of hours!
  • the variety of birds that dine with us.
  • the beauty of the bush that surrounds us.
  • sad news.
  • “Round, like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel, within a wheel…” – Alan & Marilyn Bergman

As we begin a new month I wonder if I deserve Ambrose’s definition…

April fool, n. The March fool with another month added to his folly.
~Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary


When You Are Not Aware Of The Time Ticking…

When you are not aware of the time ticking, that is always a sign that you are enjoying something. Hannah Ware

I must have enjoyed February – or at least some of it!  It’s been and gone already!

February 2016

February 2016

This collage reminds me of only a few of the things that kept us so busy we’re always wondering where the time went.  It reminds me:

  • I made some progress on my tree portrait.
  • A friend gifted us locally grown figs – yum!
  • I made Olive and Fig Tapenade, Fig and Mango Chutney & Chocolate Fig Olive Oil Cake
  • Our own harvest of cherry tomatoes continued to demand attention.
  • A spinal surgeon gave me news I did not want to hear.
  • We celebrated friends’ birthdays.
  • I crocheted slippers for winter – yes even in 40 degree C heat!!
  • I started writing a recipe book.
  • G’s daughter Kate flew off with a work visa for adventures in Canada.
  • Of Valentine’s Day :)x
  • G & I had new ‘tablets’ for our birthdays – & new challenges!
  • Of taking Ballicart to be serviced ready for our next adventure.
  • I attended an Experimental Drawing course.
  • We looked after Molly, a silky terrier with attitude & health issues, while friends were away.
  • We walk each morning in a beautiful reserve.
  • I found a pack of erasers in my desk so made one into a ‘chop’.
  • I kept a daily journal & made sketches for the majority of the days in the month.
  • I received some lovely gifts including flowers, diamonds and ‘crop circle’ plaques.
  • We had a lovely extended, blended, 3 generational gathering to celebrate our birthdays.
  • The extra day in the year was used to start preparing our place for our house minders while we’re away.  The laundry cupboard has never been so tidy!!

The stuff dreams are made of for me and many methinks.



No New Year Resolutions Broken!

I didn’t make any New Year resolutions so that I wouldn’t break any.  Thought it better for self esteem…

Somehow though resolutions seem to be bubbling up into my consciousness.

I’ve kept a diary since January 1!

As well as I writing I’ve sketched or taken a photo of something representing each day – it’s amazing how much I recall of a day by viewing its image, which prompted me to make a photo collage of my January.  (Maybe I’m still under the influence of Inktober…)

I’m keen to keep doing these things for the whole year so does that mean I have a resolution or three?!

My January 2016

My January 2016



Oh – and I may well post a collage monthly – does that make four?..