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Geewillikinwinkings! What A Wipeout!

A wipeout – that’s how I was thinking about my week before I saw footage of the nominees for the 2013 Billabong XXL Wipeout of the Year Award on the news last night.  The sight of the surfers taking on humongous waves and losing was enough to get my ‘Wows’ rolling again 🙂

You can see the wipeouts here on the Billabong site.  I think the nominees deserve a bravery award for even thinking of taking those waves on!

I’m not really into painting waves.  I know some artists are – and are very good at it.  My favourite wave art is by my son Leo, which goes to show how important emotional attachment is when ‘consuming’ art.  🙂  Leo surprised me (as he does not usually draw or paint anything) by presenting me with this wave as a present one time.  I love the style – and think it’s wonderful that no-one ever told him you don’t normally do a drawing on canvas!

Leo's Wave

Leo’s Wave

I wonder if it’s age or gender difference that leads my art in a more peaceful direction…

I did this pastel painting in memory of quiet time at Denham in Western Australia – a place conveniently located to visit Monkey Mia Reserve at Shark Bay – and its dolphins and pelicans – that doesn’t incur such high accommodation costs as Monkey Mia.

Denham At Sunset

Denham At Sunset

I hope this image conveys some of the relaxation imbued by the soft light and gently lapping waves for you too.