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Still No Flora?!!

Yep!  True.  Still no flora.  Even though the rains have started and the land has started to grow and blossom!

All because people come first and a portrait of my daughter in law and her son was overdue!

Mother & Baby

Mother & Newborn Son

This portrait was designed to go with the earlier one I did of Alex and their son in the shower from a photo when their son was a little older.

It was a design decision to render clothing as minimalist as possible so to focus attention between parent and child as much as possible.  Hope it worked!!

If you’d like to see more or would like to commission a portrait please go to my link ‘Portrait Commissions’.




A Horse is A Horse Of Course, Of Course

Except when it’s wooden maybe?  I received a gift of a little statue of a horse in February in celebration of my birthday.  The statue also commemorated the Chinese Year of the Wooden Horse.  It’s only about 6 cms high but had such presence I just had to draw it.

I found some paper called ‘Elephant Hide’ at a local art supplies store which had an antique look to it that I thought went with the theme of representing the long standing culture of the Chinese and their Zodiac.  I tested the paper out and it takes all manner of media well including heaps of water – but it doesn’t take erasure!  Nevertheless I decided graphite suited my purpose and the paper best. This is the result – in a frame that also seemed to suit the style!

Graphite on Elephant Hide

2014 Year of the Wooden Horse – by Helen Lock

I’m very happy that it raised funds for a worthy cause at auction 🙂