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May The Wind Always Be At Your Back

Oops – a little late in posting about my month of May…

In the south west of Western Australia the month of May is in the latter part of the Djeran season on the indigenous Noongar calendar.  The days and nights get colder and wetter as the season progresses ahead of the wintry season of Makuru.

My personal visual calendar for this May is testamount to Djeran.  We were wearing jumpers on the 1st May and we dodged showers and storms throughout the month.  There was a powerful storm in Perth on the 21st May that caused flooding, brought trees down and left 60,000 households without power.  My photo of the day shows how stressed by the wild weather our dog was – not! Ha!  We lost power the following sunny afternoon for no apparent reason – just long enough to enjoy candlelight for a while.

2016 May Collage PNG


The season gave me more time for illustrating recipes, making cards, crocheting slippers – in between household tasks, domestic paperwork (hence the ‘help’ pic) and mostly happy events with friends and family.

May the wind always be at your back,


A Gold Mine?! Eucalyptus Macrocarpa?!

Apparently Eucalyptus Macrocarpa, a small tree native to the south west of Western Australia, is a gold mine for nanotechnology applications as it possesses self cleaning and water repellent properties!  It was the unusual and most attractive design and colours of its leaves and flowers that attracted me, as I was blissfully unaware of its future scientific potential until today.

Eucalyptus Macrocarpa (Mottlecah)
Photo credit: foliosus / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

In our last home one beautiful specimen inspired me to paint a bloom – in coloured pencils on Strathmore Bristol Smooth 260 gsm paper.  This was before it dropped all its blooms over a period of a few weeks, clogging the pool filter on a daily basis and changing my viewpoint somewhat!  Temporarily 🙂

E Macrocarpa may indeed provide me with a bit of gold as I’ve created cards and postcards from prints on lovely textured fine art print paper.  I’m delighted that our local visitor information centre is interested in selling them!  I may just be able to continue to support my paper addiction!!

Eucalyptus Macrocarpa Postcard by Helen Lock

Postcard by Helen Lock

Red seemed a suitable colour for today’s post as tomorrow is ANZAC Day in Australia – an occasion of national remembrance for those Australians and New Zealanders that served and died in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations. Their contribution and suffering is recognised through dawn services, marches and commemorative events – lest we forget!

Until next time,

Wild One!

To see the world in a grain of sand, and to see heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity in an hour.  William Blake

Wild One

Wild One

I called this watercolour and ink painting ‘Wild One’ because all of my attempts to identify the wild flower have failed.  I drew and painted it from a lone bloom that appeared in our Perth Hills garden in Spring.  It was small (about 2cm in diameter), delicate in appearance, on a thin, relatively long, upright stem that swayed in the breeze.  I’ve learned that it helps to identify flowers to include other plant parts!  I’ll be on the look out for it next spring.

It is one of the ‘Wildflowers At Balligar’ series and a fine art card is available here.  There’s more shameful (shameless?) self promotion on my new ‘Shop’ page here.

If you recognize the flower please tell me what it’s called.


Geewillinkinwinkins – Shop Til You Drop! And Is Easter Irrelevant?

Shop Til You Drop!!

In between a flurry of guests and chores I did find time this Easter to add a ‘Shop’ page to this tab – either click here or on the ‘Shop’ tab at the top to have a sticky beak – please!!!

I hope you enjoyed your Easter for whatever reason :).

Is Easter Irrelevant?!

Easter is almost over and no-one who visited Balligar over the past 4 days mentioned it and no Easter eggs were exchanged!!  I understand that it has no relevance if you’re not of the Christian faith or if you don’t participate as a celebration of spring because you live in the southern hemisphere, but is it really irrelevant?

Easter falls in the early part of Autumn (Fall) here and at the end of a long, hot summer in the Perth Hills we start to see a rebirth of flora and fauna as the environment recovers from the dry heat.  So, I think we have cause to celebrate with eggs which are symbolic of the seed of life.  Have you guessed that I like chocolate?!  I also like the eggs that our 10 free-range chooks produce for us and a few discerning customers who help cover our costs. Oh – and since Easter Saturday I’m allowed to tell the world that I’m expecting to be a grandmother in 6 months time – now that’s fertility worth celebrating!!

Happy Easter
Happy Easter & Hooroo!

Almost Monday – Geewillinkinwinkings!

A Monday with a Difference – Labour Day

Here in Western Australia, Monday this week is a holiday – Labour Day.

In Australia Labour Day is to celebrate the Australian labour movement and the achievement of the 8 hour working day.

Eight Hour Day Banner, Melbourne, 1856

Eight Hour Day Banner, Melbourne, 1856 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think many people will not give the reason a thought and will just enjoy a paid day off.  Ironically, for many full-time workers it’s now normal to work more than 8 hours a day (for 8 hours pay) – but I’m getting too serious!   It’s nearly Monday – time to lighten up!

Highlights of my week?

Fruits of My Labour

Yay!  After hundreds of hours, designing, painting, experimenting, getting to know Photoshop, FastStone, Publisher, our printer and EBAY, I’ve taken a small step into online marketing with these cards:

Wildflowers of Balligar

Wildflowers of Balligar

I painted these watercolours from wildflowers in our garden.  I decided to highlight the flowers by isolating them as if they were preserved in a stained glass window with dynamic lead lighting to give the feel of the breeze or the tangle of the bush.

The prints are on fine art paper and all other paper is made from post consumer waste paper.  I do hope you take a look at the flowers of my labour.

Paper Paper Everywhere And Not a Tree To Spare!

I had great fun trying out my gift of a paper making kit.  The time, effort and mess was rewarded with some beautiful (in my eyes) pieces of unique paper but maybe not as good as this.

Handmade paper panel

Handmade paper panel (Photo credit: Boby Dimitrov)

The process brought home to me how much we take the various papers for granted and how wasteful we tend to be – sorry, getting too serious again.  The experience also brought into my life  interesting  web sites related to paper making including Inspiration Earth and SyndicateMizzou.

Potheads – Not what you might think!

This is a delightful, uplifting, short video from artist Kim Jaegar – Potheads.  Thanks to Sandy for sharing with me.

I hope you can find a few highlights in your past week too and in today.