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Just The One?

31 posts in October – maybe just this one in November!!

Hard to believe but about midway through November I started to miss Inktober, so maybe I’ll need to rescind that ‘never again’!

Inktober 2015

Inktober 2015

I put together a collage of the sketches, printed and framed it.  When I look at it I can recall where I was each day and what inspired each sketch.  A validation of visual diary keeping – not that I’m contemplating 365 sketches a year!

I found doing the daily sketches and posts left little time for ‘works of art’ during October but I’ve noticed I’ve readily found more time for creating this month – a spin off effect I think.  During this month I’ve designed a number of new cards and produced several watercolour paintings – some inspired by my Inktober sketches.  I have material to post and products to market.

So maybe I will do Inktober 2016 after all.