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‘Real Artists Ship!’ said Steve Jobs

I am therefore I create
Even though I’ve lots on my plate.
I am human so want to share
All the wonders of our lair.
I want to say ‘Look at this!’, ‘Look at this!’.
‘Can you see, can you see how sublime?’
Just as well I draw and paint nature’s design
Instead of describing it in rhyme!

G’Day from WA (Western Australia), welcome and I hope you find something here to brighten your day even if it’s just a laugh at my poem.

 I’m Helen Lock and I’m now living a childhood dream of being an artist.  I’m not sure that I’ll ever feel that I’m not a fake but Steve Jobs said ‘Real artists ship’ so I’m shipping!  This blog is my first online ‘delivery’ and its creation has been a significant learning experience.  I know I have a lot more to learn.

I’m currently spending time drawing and painting the incredible designs and colours of the Western Australian flora. They captivate me and I’m driven to capture them – so I can relive magical moments.  I also want to share such moments in the hope that others enjoy them too.

I’ll be posting:

  • Images and descriptions of my artworks and their inspiration
  • Some technical details about their creation
  • Related snippets about their and my environment, their life and mine
  • About artists, art and things that inspire and encourage me to keep going
  • Items to brighten my day and hopefully yours.

I’m not brilliant at routine – life keeps happening – so I won’t commit to posting daily but I may.  I will commit to posting at least once a week so if you have an attack of ‘Mondayitis’ you’ll be able to take a break and escape to my world for a while and see something new.

I’m now thinking that it’s odd for a blog about art that I haven’t included an image in this first post but then maybe no-one will ever read this but me!  If you have read this please do comment, for as Ken Blanchard wrote ‘Feedback is the breakfast of champions’ and without it I live in a vacuum.

 In my next post I’ll explain the name ‘Balligart’ and introduce you to the painting that is my current ‘avatar’ (the graphical representation of me – I had to look that up J).