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Wongan Gully Wattle

Thanks to the Internet, I became aware of Charley Harper’s illustrations. I was really taken by them and researched him and his works. I was stricken so much I bought a version of his book ‘Birds and Words’. One chapter is called ‘America’s Vanishing Birds’. It inspired me to do a painting in the theme of ‘Australia’s Vanishing Flowers’!

I analysed Charley’s works and noted that the elements he used often included:
– Sprinkled dots`
– Cotton wool clouds
– Scattered lines
– Elongated shapes
– Sun / Moon
– Oval shapes
– Simple leaves
– Flower skeletons
– Nail clippings for waves
– Gentle hills

Wongan Hills is where my husband and I got married, so it has a special place in our hearts. This prompted me to choose the endangered Wongan Gully Wattle as my test piece. (Acrylics on cotton canvas –

Wongan Gully Wattle - endangered wild flower of WA

And my words to accompany it:

Wongan Gully Wattle

Amongst the rocky brown clay,
You may be lucky enough one day,
To gaze upon the Wongan Gully Wattle,
It’s one you need to coddle!

You may find it near a dry, grey, sandy creek bed.
Last count only 49 mature plants have persisted!
All in the Shire of Wongan-Ballidu –
Its survival requires much ballyhoo!

Helen Lock