Gee… It’s Not Easy Being A Pollyanna!

Geewillingkinwinkings – Monday again – time to lift spirits.  Not always easy – not always a specific reason – always a first world problem I assume…

I don’t always draw / paint flora – here’s something else:

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors

I think it best to focus on the more uplifting experiences though – even though it can be hard swinging one’s mind around.

Here’s a ‘Wow!’ item to try and do just that.

This outstanding video is compiled by a 19 year old student, Zack Hemsey, for his video production class.  With the dramatic music and fast moving images, it just feels marvelous to go through the entire history in just 2 minutes and 10 seconds – Our Evolution 


2 thoughts on “Gee… It’s Not Easy Being A Pollyanna!

  1. Greg Campbell

    I remember when this painting was done and the thoughts and emotions of the time. I live knowing that spirits fly high and low but yours is destined to fly higher and for longer and this is expressed through your art.


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