Pink – bright, neon pink – is the colour of the the flowers on our Eucalyptus Leucoxylon Rosea tree – much better known as our Pink Flowering Gum!

As you can see from this photo by Geoff Park, the beauty of the flowers is masked by the mass of this small tree that is native to Australia.

pink-flowering-yellow-gum by Geoff ParkI did my best to simplify and show off the design of the flowers and leaves moving in the breeze in this, the next of my series of ‘Wildflowers at Balligar’.

Pink Flowering Gum at Balligar

Pink Flowering Gum at Balligar

The pink in the original watercolour painting is much more vibrant than reproduced here.  I haven’t been able to reproduce the colour ‘Opera Rose’ by photographing or scanning.  This colour ‘swatch’ may give a better impression:

Opera Rose

Opera Rose

I hope I leave you feeling ‘in the pink’ today,

2 thoughts on “Pink!

  1. Greg Campbell

    In the pink indeed. Our pink flowering gums do hide their beauty behing masses of long green leaves. This painting brings the lovely flower into the open and gives it life. Quite beautiful. In the pink today was the dawn light in the western sky over the city as the silver moon hung in a sky of pink and grey.


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