Gee – What On Earth?!

G’Day – Geewillinkinwinkings Day.  The biggest ‘Wow’ moment of my week was one of amazement rather than pleasure.

Elephant or Rat?

What on earth got into our secure home, did this and left only teeth marks?!

Nocturnal Visitor - With A Preference for Nectarines

Nocturnal Visitor – With A Preference for Nectarines

The best suggestion from a friend: ‘An elephant – they like fruit and are good at hiding’, but another ‘smelled a rat’!
(I’m using a lot of self restraint here in refraining from telling elephant jokes 🙂 )

The most likely explanation is a rat, despite baits always in place because of being on a bush block and no point of entry or exit of any size that we can find.  A skink is a possibility.  A possum – mmm, too big?!


Here’s an unblemished fruit bowl:



One of a few pastel pieces I’ve done.  I think maybe I should try copying the works of some pastellists I like in order to ‘loosen up!’.

Brighten Your Day

A favourite pastellist of mine is Mark Leach who has sadly moved on but his family is keeping his web presence alive here.  Scroll down on his site to read his manifesto and find the link to his online gallery.  A visit will brighten and enrich your Monday / any day!


1 thought on “Gee – What On Earth?!

  1. Greg Campbell

    A rat with wings? The evening after the photo was taken the fruit was put on top of the kitchen fridge – a very high fridge – and still the fruit was eaten. Fruit Bat? The thought leapt in and was dismissed .. but how .. so high. No sign since and some rat bait has been consumed so maybe a clever rat??
    I had forgotten the painted fruit bowl and it is a pleasure to see it again – I will ask to see the “real” one again. 🙂


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