Wild One!

To see the world in a grain of sand, and to see heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity in an hour.  William Blake

Wild One

Wild One

I called this watercolour and ink painting ‘Wild One’ because all of my attempts to identify the wild flower have failed.  I drew and painted it from a lone bloom that appeared in our Perth Hills garden in Spring.  It was small (about 2cm in diameter), delicate in appearance, on a thin, relatively long, upright stem that swayed in the breeze.  I’ve learned that it helps to identify flowers to include other plant parts!  I’ll be on the look out for it next spring.

It is one of the ‘Wildflowers At Balligar’ series and a fine art card is available here.  There’s more shameful (shameless?) self promotion on my new ‘Shop’ page here.

If you recognize the flower please tell me what it’s called.


7 thoughts on “Wild One!

  1. Sally Mackie

    Looks a bit like ‘Star of Bethlehem’ (ornithogalum umbellatum), there is a blue variety called ‘Spring Squill’ (scilla verna), but you probably have different things in Australia! Most wild flowers seem to have 5 petals. Good luck with your search.

    1. Helen Post author

      Thanks for the suggestion Sally. There was only one flower on top of the long, slender stem so I don’t think it was an Ornithogalum. It definitely had 6 petals. If I find another one this Spring I’ll be carefully recording every bit of its anatomy! This is a great way for me to learn more about flowers in WA 🙂

    1. Helen Post author

      Thanks Shazzy 🙂 Yes I’ve looked there and many places – and consulted someone who manages / managed the weed management program for Kings Park.
      For anyone who’s interested this is one of the best guides for southern WA I’ve found online – it tells you what local plants NOT to plant as they are garden escapees etc as well as what to grow. http://www.southcoastnrm.com.au/files/1/files/Coastal%20Gardens%20Albany%20Denmark%20Walpole.pdf
      Thanks too for taking the time to comment. :)oxo


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