Mistaken Identity

At first I titled this coloured pencil painting ‘Bottlebrush” but

Not A Bottlebrush

Kunzea Baxteri

discovered that is is a Kunzea.  One has to look closely to see the differences though!  Kunzea leaves tend to be smaller than those of Callistemons and the five sepals and petals are deciduous in the Kunzea and persistent in Callistemons.  They are closely related.  Here is a photo of each taken in our garden this Spring.

Not A Bottlebrush

Kunzea Baxteri



The Kunzea is endemic to the south west of Western Australia and occurs on granite outcrops and hills – so this Kunzea Baxteri is right at home at our place!

I’m enjoying the education I’m getting as a by product of painting and posting.

I’m also awed and appreciative of the free resources available to us on the internet. (Just follow the links in this post if you need convincing.) I remember it used to cost thousands in old money to own an encyclopedia!  It is just one of the reasons I support ‘net neutrality


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  1. Greg

    The yellow behind the red slashes into the eye like bright sunlight, lens contracts in anticipation of the brightest light – if I had one :-)xx


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