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A Snowflake Is Winter’s Butterfly

The only snowflakes we get to see here in the Perth Hills of Western Australia are the botanical kind but we do get to see them in Winter.  Our Snowflakes are native to Europe where they bloom in Summer – it’s a fun world!


Snowflakes – Helen Lock

This is the third pen and watercolour painting in my series on Western Australian weeds.  These beautiful Snowflakes (Leucojum Aestivum) were blooming a couple of months ago when I captured them on paper.  I just love the finger like tepals sporting green nail varnish.

Leucojum is a genus of bulbous plants native to Europe.  They grow here up to 60 cm tall in winter wet habitats.  They are a priority species for control in conservation areas.  So, another plant for us to contain but not only for the sake of indigenous plants but also for the safety of our children and animals as all parts are poisonous, especially the bulbs.

Poison is in everything, and no thing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy.                                                                 – Paracelsus

How true!

Down To The City

‘Down to the City’ is the title of T Brian Aylward’s latest exhibition which opens at the Tresillian Community Centre in Nedlands, Western Australia on Friday 2nd May 2014 at 6pm.

Down to the City - Brian Aylward

Down to the City – Brian Aylward

Brian works with most media but is possibly better known for his beautiful pastel works.  You can find out more about Brian on his website here but better still – treat yourself and go along to the exhibition if you’re lucky enough to live in this part of the world!


Mistaken Identity

At first I titled this coloured pencil painting ‘Bottlebrush” but

Not A Bottlebrush

Kunzea Baxteri

discovered that is is a Kunzea.  One has to look closely to see the differences though!  Kunzea leaves tend to be smaller than those of Callistemons and the five sepals and petals are deciduous in the Kunzea and persistent in Callistemons.  They are closely related.  Here is a photo of each taken in our garden this Spring.

Not A Bottlebrush

Kunzea Baxteri



The Kunzea is endemic to the south west of Western Australia and occurs on granite outcrops and hills – so this Kunzea Baxteri is right at home at our place!

I’m enjoying the education I’m getting as a by product of painting and posting.

I’m also awed and appreciative of the free resources available to us on the internet. (Just follow the links in this post if you need convincing.) I remember it used to cost thousands in old money to own an encyclopedia!  It is just one of the reasons I support ‘net neutrality


Not A Forgery!

My third and final(?) copy of an Eric Carle painting is complete.  I feel happier now I’ve looked up the definition of forgery and found that if I have no intent to deceive I’m not guilty of forgery 🙂

Still, copying or forging is not for the faint-hearted!  I found it surprisingly difficult and must have been feeling very gung ho when I thought I could copy multi-media originals (tissue paper, watercolours, crayons & ?) with acrylics on canvas.

Eric Carle's butterfly

he was a beautiful butterfly!

What else surprised me is how much I learned.  I had to really study Eric’s pictures in a copy of his book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar‘ to try and work out what he’d done – which piece was under / over which – and why, what was it he’d worked to convey.  Then I had to work out how to begin to duplicate his work.

Interestingly you never meet the caterpillar illustrated on the cover of the book within it.  This is my version of his cover version of his medium weight caterpillar:

Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I love the sort of ‘stunned mullet’ look of both the caterpillar, that has devoured so much he is no longer hungry and is blown up like a balloon, and the butterfly!

Eric Carle's Satiated Caterpillar

The Not Hungry Caterpillar

When I finally finished the butterfly I was thinking “Never again!  I want to do my own thing!” but the postman arrived with my copy of Juliette Aristides ‘Lessons In Classical Drawing’ and…