#Inktober 3 – A Horse Is A Horse Of Course…

… except when it is made of tin!

Two entrants to the Kulin Bush Races 2015 Tin Horse Competition:

Tin Horse Entrants 2015 – Inktober 3


3rd October 2015 was the day of the Bush Races at Kulin, Western Australia.  In between races there are the entrants to the Tin Horse Competition to admire.  There is prize money to be won but the tin horses remain the property of the Bush Races Committee and are displayed at their discretion.  A constant source of horses for the Tin Horse Highway!

The real horse races during the day are for amateur horses and riders.  All riders have no professional association with horses or riding which, I believe, makes the races unique in WA.  I was very happy that son Leo rode in three races and was placed in each.  Here he is ‘in the pink’ winning on Honky Tonk – or is it Honky Tonk that is winning?

Kulin 2015 Leo on Honky Tonk - In The Pink!

I balked at attempting to sketch that for Inktober!

The Kulin Bush Races is now 21 years old.  It is a not-for-profit event run by awesome volunteers.  Since 1995 it has put close to $1 million into community initiatives, facilities and projects!  Well worth visiting if you have the opportunity.



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