Chicken In A Bath

Chicken in a bath,
Not for the usual reason.
What dish is this one?

Chicken Rosemary PNG

The last illustrated dish was ‘Chicken Laksa’.  The white letters spell it out when put in the right order.  The hibiscus is the national flower of Malaysia so the background gives a hint as to the origin of the dish, which is from the Chinese Malay cuisine of the Peranakan culture.  The colours used are common to traditional Peranakan porcelain.

Today’s dish is much simpler!


3 thoughts on “Chicken In A Bath

  1. Greg

    The chook looks quite happy in the bath-hard to imagine one would be,so well devised sketch😀
    Rosemary and lemon marinated roast chook? Be good in the van oven or the Baby Q 😀Xx


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