June – Done and dusted!

June is the first month of Australia’s winter season.  In the Perth Hills we’ve experienced mornings close to zero degree centigrade and daytime maximums around 18.  That is COLD if you get used to summer temperatures more than 20 degrees hotter!

Another month was packed full with family & friends (tragic and happy events), travel along WA’s Wheatbelt Way, art, crochet and more.

We voted in the Australian 2016 Federal Election today, polling is now closed & the results are being televised as I type.  I’ve cast my vote and nothing I can do can make any difference now, so I chose to complete my collage for  the July entry of my visual diary rather than watch.  I really do prefer to watch paint dry!


2016 June Collage PNG


1 thought on “June – Done and dusted!

  1. Greg

    What a month! Busy with plans changing, happy and sad events and a bit of travel. Lots of imaginative and good sketches, also some fun adventures 😀Xx


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