Goodbye 2016

Yay – I finished my journal for 2016 and my last visual collage for each month!

Our December was packed full of family, friends, events, house and garden projects and preparations for the festive season.  The only painting I did was with yarn, fabric and chocolate – not together but that might be interesting…

The artworks in my collage (days 15 and 17) are by Angie Lewin whose linocuts, wood engravings and screen prints I admire.  On these days my time was mainly spent on mundane tasks and I found distraction / inspiration for better things by looking at her work.

December 2016

December 2016


2 thoughts on “Goodbye 2016

  1. Greg Campbell

    I am proud of and admire your resolve to get things done. Beyond that I am proud and in admiration of the quality and beauty of all your work😀


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