Native Wisteria Shoe #2

Since my last post in early March, Covid-19 has really impacted the world.

A minor impact is that I suspect that my first art exhibition scheduled for May next year will be postponed as so many have had to be cancelled this year.

Nevertheless I’ve completed 20 paintings already – 8 to go!

Self isolation certainly gives one more time for hobbies…

I take a break from painting now and then and pick up pens, or needles and thread, or crochet hook and yarn, or…

Here is the second version of my Native Wisteria Shoe and the fourth in my Wildflower Shoe Series #2 – ballpoint pens on paper for mixed media – 210gsm, made by St Cuthberts Mill, UK.


Flower Shoe Art - Native Wisteria - Biro

Native Wisteria Flower Shoe – Ballpoint Pen – by Helen Lock

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