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Another Day – #Inktober 15

Another weed, another day in Inktober, another experiment:

Arum Lilies - #Inktober 15

Arum Lilies – #Inktober 15

Arum Lilies are matter out of place in the bush of Western Australia.  They are too successful here, clog waterways and prevent natives or pasture plants from growing.  A good excuse to pick a big bunch of the beautiful flowers!


One Mans Flowers…

Many of the wildflowers in our garden at Balligar in Western Australia have turned out to be weeds – officially declared pests! This has led to much thought about the concept of weeds – or “matter out of place” as described by E.J. Salisbury (a botanist) – and germinated the seeds of a new series. This is a prototype inspired by the Arum Lilies that grow in clumps in the lower part of our property.

Arum Lilies - WA Weed

One Mans Flowers… By Helen Lock

Done using permanent ink and watercolour pencils on Arches Watercolour paper. Border and text added using Publisher.

All comments, critiques, recommendations and suggestions welcome!