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Cowslip Orchid Shoe #1

My first Cowslip Orchid shoe design rendered in ballpoint pen and yellow ink.  Yellow ink because the only yellow ballpoint pen I could find was fluoro.  I guess there’s not much demand for them…

I was inspired by seeing a beautiful group of Cowslip Orchids growing wild when walking in the stunning Porongurup Ranges in south western Australia.

This is the fifth in my Wildfower Shoe Series #2.


Native Cowslip Orchid Fantasy Shoe by Helen Lock

Cowslip Orchid Flower Shoe – by Helen Lock – Ballpoint pen and yellow ink

Sunny Wildflowers – #Inktober 2018 Day 23 PM

Unwisely, after walking the Nancy Peak Trail in the morning, we decided to do a short wildflower trail in the afternoon.  Somehow we lost the trail markers and had another long trek! A plus was finding a patch of wild, sunny yellow cowslip orchids.

ink024 (2)

Cowslip Orchids – #Inktober 2018 Day 23 PM