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Geewillinkinwinkins – Shop Til You Drop! And Is Easter Irrelevant?

Shop Til You Drop!!

In between a flurry of guests and chores I did find time this Easter to add a ‘Shop’ page to this tab – either click here or on the ‘Shop’ tab at the top to have a sticky beak – please!!!

I hope you enjoyed your Easter for whatever reason :).

Is Easter Irrelevant?!

Easter is almost over and no-one who visited Balligar over the past 4 days mentioned it and no Easter eggs were exchanged!!  I understand that it has no relevance if you’re not of the Christian faith or if you don’t participate as a celebration of spring because you live in the southern hemisphere, but is it really irrelevant?

Easter falls in the early part of Autumn (Fall) here and at the end of a long, hot summer in the Perth Hills we start to see a rebirth of flora and fauna as the environment recovers from the dry heat.  So, I think we have cause to celebrate with eggs which are symbolic of the seed of life.  Have you guessed that I like chocolate?!  I also like the eggs that our 10 free-range chooks produce for us and a few discerning customers who help cover our costs. Oh – and since Easter Saturday I’m allowed to tell the world that I’m expecting to be a grandmother in 6 months time – now that’s fertility worth celebrating!!

Happy Easter
Happy Easter & Hooroo!