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Matter Out Of Time – Day 2 Inktober 2017

Matter Out Of Time: Kiss Me Quick – another ‘weed’ soon to be gone from our bush garden!

Matter Out Of Time – #Inktober #Inktober2017

Kiss Me Quick is the common name for Red Valerian which is regarded as an environmental weed in Western Australia.


The Clock Is Ticking! Inktober 2017 Day 1

It’s Inktober time! The clock is ticking!

I committed myself to it for the third year running.  My self imposed constraints are:

  • Black and orange ink
  • Subjects related to clocks / time, flora and my day!

It’s been a struggle to keep up already but I do have an ink drawing for each day of October so far.  Technical issues have prevented me from posting until now.

Having just returned from a fantastic 5+ months trip around Australia we have a lot of gardening to catch up on.  Orange Trumpet Vine and Red Honeysuckle sadly don’t belong on our bush block.  Their time is up!

The Clock Is Ticking! #Inktober 2017


Black Eyed Susan – #Inktober 14

Black Eyed Susan is winding among, through, up and around our native plants again this Spring.  The small orange coloured flowers with dark centres peek out from unexpected places as if the vine is playing hide and seek with those wishing to catch it to remove it.

I decided this repeating perennial climbing plant was a suitable subject for my first ever attempt to create a repeatable pattern.  I started with this  ink drawing:

Black Eyed Susan - #Inktober 14

Black Eyed Susan – #Inktober 14

I then created the basis of a repeat pattern the manual way, in a similar manner to that described here.

Black Eyed Susan Tile - #Inktober 14

Black Eyed Susan Tile – #Inktober 14

then used a photo collage app to group 4 repeats together and ended up with this:

Black Eyed Susan Repeated - #Inktober 14

Black Eyed Susan Repeated – #Inktober 14

Thanks Susan!


Too Much Of A Good Thing…

“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful” said Mae West

but whilst a host of golden Gazanias is a wonderful sight, too many of these natives of South Africa here in Western Australia take up space that our own natives might otherwise occupy.  There may also be a flow on effect to native fauna that depend on native flora.

So like many other things in life (too many?), moderation is the key.  Here is the second in my new series on the weeds that grow in our garden.

Gazanias Laugh At Drought

Too Much Of A Good Thing – Helen Lock

I have painted Gazanias before and posted more about them here.

Having enjoyed over 50mm / 2 inches of rain in the first 24 hours of this week, here in the Perth Hills, we’re laughing at drought too.  Long may it last!


One Mans Flowers…

Many of the wildflowers in our garden at Balligar in Western Australia have turned out to be weeds – officially declared pests! This has led to much thought about the concept of weeds – or “matter out of place” as described by E.J. Salisbury (a botanist) – and germinated the seeds of a new series. This is a prototype inspired by the Arum Lilies that grow in clumps in the lower part of our property.

Arum Lilies - WA Weed

One Mans Flowers… By Helen Lock

Done using permanent ink and watercolour pencils on Arches Watercolour paper. Border and text added using Publisher.

All comments, critiques, recommendations and suggestions welcome!