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If You Stumble Make It Part Of Your Dance – Inktober 2020 Day 2

During the morning of the 2nd I composed a work for Inktober whilst doing the daily chores. I was in pain and I called my imagined piece ‘Is Pain The Colour Of Blue?’.

Late afternoon I sat down to draw my image and then remembered one of my self imposed constraints was ‘calming’! So, I was inspired to capture a moment of the afternoon where I was enthralled by the skill, agility and energy of the Turning Pointe Dance Academy’s acrodance troupe, which included one of our granddaughters. Some of the dancers weren’t quite on point but kept their cool and made it part of the dance.

One would have to be calm to hold such a pose as below, for so long!

I used artistic licence and changed the flowers on her head to Blue Stars.

If You Stumble Make It Part Of Your Dance – Helen Lock – #Inbktober 2020