Paint Storm – Day 21 Inktober 2017

On day 21 we experienced an amazing performance by Phil Doncon – Paint Storm.  Through energetic high speed painting, acrobatics and readings, Phil engaged us and many others, including young children, for well over an hour.  The Paint Storm told us the story of God’s Messenger Baha’ u’ llah – imprisonment, his revelation and his unifying vision of the future of the world and the nature and purpose of life.

It was impressive how Phil transformed his huge mural as the story developed.  For example, hands grasping at prison window bars became hands holding candles of light.

It was a challenge to try and capture a glimpse of his performance using the constraints of my Inktober 2017 and a style more like Phil’s.

I added an Iris, symbol of hope and strength so my sketch included flora – one of my self inflicted constraints…

Paint Storm – Day 21 #Inktober #Inktober2017


2 thoughts on “Paint Storm – Day 21 Inktober 2017

  1. Greg Campbell

    Great drawing, it brings the whole mural to mind. That guy had so much energy. Have yet to check him out on FB but I think there is a video of his performances.


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